Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP) comes of age – the first decade of aquatic animal tracking in SA

by Dr Taryn Murray


The Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP) is a collaborative marine science platform that monitors the movements and migrations of aquatic animals along the South African coastline. From its humble beginnings of tracking a few fish in selected estuaries, this significant platform now spans 2 200 km of the South African coastline, and tracks more than 1000 animals representing 45 species. Dr Taryn Murray, the instrument scientist working on ATAP, will tell us more about this globally-recognised research platform in terms of what it is, what it does and who can be involved.

“This is the story of a receiver and a tag, Where fish are caught and let go again, not kept in a bag. But first they get a special toy that pings for years and years, Receivers then detect these pings as soon as a fish appears. Receivers are in estuaries and also in the sea And collectively make a crucial network, on that we can agree. Join the talk to learn about where and why fishes move, And how all this can help numbers improve.”



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