Africa's Bushmen and true children of nature

by Mr Clive Horlock


We are all part of one system – interconnected and interdependent. We need to co-exist with all lifeforms and never take advantage of nature. Few people will ever have the opportunity to spend time with Africa’s greatest conservationists and true ‘children of nature’, but Clive Horlock shares some of his Bushmen experiences, and understanding of their philosophies, which has resulted in their culture being described as ‘the most successful in human history’.

A better understanding of their culture also exposes those aspects of our modern culture which are contributing to the destruction of our natural world despite the massive efforts being made by so many passionate conservationists.

The Bushmen do not claim credit for the wisdom that has enabled their remarkable survival, and the conservation of their environment, but attribute this wisdom to ‘the voice with no words’ or inspiration achieved through being spiritually connected to the Source of all truth.

Understanding their culture better, and recognising their understanding of the human psychological mind, also suggests why modern humanity has become disconnected from the ineffable truth and no longer hears this ‘voice’.



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