Enslin Van Rooyen

Prof Enslin Van Rooyen

PhD in Public Administration


He holds a special interest in promoting ‘Responsible Public Administration’, which refers to all issues relating to environmental accountability in the execution of public administration practice. He specialises in corporate and public policy; strategic and project management; organisational dynamics, leadership; and performance management and staff acquisition/appointment processes. His professional experience also includes serving as Private Secretary, Administrative Secretary and Chief of Staff in various ministries at Parliament in Cape Town. He has previously served as Executive Dean for a higher education entity, a Professor at various universities, and he is currently employed in the Office of the Dean, University of Limpopo. He frequently delivers media commentary and consults to industry.

From an education perspective he specialises in mentoring and coaching non-English first language postgraduate students, in business-related academic programmes where the mode of tuition is English, by practicing Neuro-linguistic Programming methodologies. In this regard, he applies this very unique methodology to assist lecturers and students to improve their academic and research capacity and performance.

Academically, he has participated in numerous national and international conferences. He has published nationally and internationally, authored scholarly books and currently serves as the Editor- in-Chief of the Journal of Management and Administration..


University of Limpopo

Acting Faculty Research Professor

South Africa

Corporate and public policyStrategic and project managementOrganisational dynamicsLeadershipPerformance management Environmental accountability in the execution of public administration practice.


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