Jessica Glass

Dr Jessica Glass

PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyYale University


My research combines genomic sequencing with environmental datasets to address topics spanning fisheries, evolutionary biology and ecology.

I use genomic tools to answer questions such as resilience to climate change, response to anthropogenic stressors, and spatiotemporal patterns of biodiversity.

I currently focus on marine fishes in the clade Carangoidea, including the kingfish, jacks, pompanos, remoras, dolphinfish and cobia. My research spans the entire Indo-Pacific, emphasising the western Indian Ocean, from South Africa to Seychelles. Much of my research centres on two iconic recreational fishery species: Giant kingfish (Caranx ignobilis) and Bluefin kingfish (Caranx melampygus). By examining these species’ population genetic structure, adaptation and ecology, I am addressing research questions useful for governments and fisheries management agencies to develop sustainable management plans.



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