Maureen Kinyanjui

Ms Maureen Kinyanjui

MSc (University of Kent)PhD (University of Edinburgh)


I am a Conservation Scientist currently working in Sagalla Kenya in a community experiencing conflicts with elephants. I am implementing an integrated livelihood project focusing on improving food security, increasing drought resilience and reducing human-elephant conflict. My main role is to increase tolerance towards elephants and encourage community understanding and participation in elephant conservation efforts. I have an MA in Sociology, MSc in Conservation and Rural Development from The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) 2017-2018, University of Kent. I am currently engaged in PhD research (2021) at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Geosciences. My research will analyse how planned human interventions interact with other drivers of change within social-ecological systems and how this influences human behaviour and their perception of elephants.



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