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Dr Willem Daffue

University of Pretoria - MVSc

Dr Willem Daffue has a deep comprehension of nature as a whole and it is his passion to make the world aware of the importance of each link in the large intricate network. He is an exceptional explorer and conservationist. He has a mountain in the Himalayas named after him as he was the first to climb it. In the process, he rediscovered the thought to be extinct Himalayan brown bear and set up a nature reserve to protect them.

He has been to the most remote parts of the world and during these many trips, he has collected knowledge and images of ethnic groups and tribes who are on the brink of obliteration and has often spent time living with them to experience their culture and traditions first hand. 

He is a keen photographer and sportsman and practices as a veterinarian in Kroonstad. He regularly offers his expertise to advance the protection of endangered species.