Reflections on the swamp with Dr Josie South

by Dr Josie South


Josie South started her Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2018 with the late Professor Olaf Weyl (Chief Scientist at SAIAB and DSI/NRF Research Chair in Inland Fisheries and Freshwater Ecology). As her fellowship at SAIAB comes to an end, Josie reflects on some of the highlights and hijinks over the last few years.

Josie’s research revolves around predicting the impact of invasive species, river restoration, fish community ecology and searching the lengths of southern Africa for crayfish. While a large amount of this research has involved fieldwork in the Cederberg, Lake Malawi, the Okavango panhandle and Upper Zambezi floodplains, the focus of this presentation is on the many valuable human connections made and lessons learned while running around the swamps.



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