Richard Mazebedi

Dr Richard Mazebedi

PhD Physical Geography/Ecology (UCL)MPhil Biology (University of Botswana)


Dr Mazebedi achieved his MPhil in Biology from the University of Botswana. His MPhil study explored the relationships between aquatic organisms and environmental variables such as water chemistry, hydroperiod and habitat type.

He attained his PhD from UCL (London). The overall objective of Dr Mazebedi's PhD project was to understand the importance of the flood pulse in trophic interactions of aquatic organisms and energy processing in the Okavango Delta. His thesis argued that even though there are models describing energy processing in large river-floodplain systems like the Okavango Delta (e.g. The River Continuum Concept, The Flood Pulse Concept and The Riverine Productivity Model), the dynamics of energy processing are context-based.

Dr Mazebedi recently compiled an inventory of species at Gcwihaba cave: Inventories of cave species and in-depth understanding of cave ecosystems are essential for informing conservation approaches for the unique and vulnerable cave fauna. Gcwihaba cave is the largest cave in Botswana but its ecology is poorly understood. This study set out to provide the first quantitative survey of the cave’s terrestrial macroinvertebrates.



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