Taryn Murray

Dr Taryn Murray

Ph.D. IchthyologyRhodes University


Taryn is currently the instrument scientist working on the Acoustic Tracking Array Platform at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. Her current research uses passive acoustic telemetry to examine the movement ecology and distribution patterns of various aquatic animals along the coastline of South Africa. Her research aims to understand how animals interact with their environment and produce outcomes relevant to management and conservation. Taryn’s research background lies in fish movement and spatial ecology and the effects of environmental conditions on fish behaviour.

These include: Use of acoustic telemetry in long-term monitoring and management of aquatic animals and critical habitats Response of aquatic animals to environmental change.

Taryn completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Rhodes University, South Africa, majoring in Ichthyology and Geology. Then, she stayed on at Rhodes University, completing an honours degree looking at illegal fishing in the Tsitsikamma National Park and a master degree focusing on the movement patterns and genetic stock delineation of an endemic South African sparid, the black musselcracker. For her PhD, she explored the movement ecology of a carangid in two differing estuaries along the coastline of South Africa.



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